The manual production of ceramics has shaped life for a long time in the Kannenbäckerland. As one of the first and one of the last stoneware manufacturers, we can look back on over 350 years of company history. Our ceramic manufactory dates back to 1661. Wilhelm Merkelbach I, the founder of the company, began to manufacture salt-glazed stoneware at his own expense. In 1864 Karl Merkelbach III, now the 7th generation, operated under the name KMB III (Karl Merkelbach the Third) This company name had existed for 100 years until 1964 the company was renamed to M-Schilz. At that time, the company was run by Helmut Schilz and he supplied the specialist retail trade with a large collection of handcrafted gray-blue stoneware goods. The company is still known beyond the borders of Germany with the M-Schilz workshop symbol. The company is currently managed by the brothers Harald & Volker Schilz and Tino Schilz, who is already signing for the 12th generation of the company.