saltglazed Beersteins

The shown beerstein shapes are produced regularly and are usually refined before the fire. When embossing and painting are dispensed with, we speak of gray goods. All of our beer mugs are manufactured using the roller process. The hand-drawn handle is standard for us and gives our beersteins their valuable craftsmanship.


As long as the beer mug has not yet dried, we can carry out engravings and embossing with special embossing tools or speech irons. We then color the depressions created in the leather-hard beer mugs as desired. We are very limited in the choice of colors due to the salt fire. We cannot guarantee exact color values ​​through our manufacturing process. The traditionally best functioning color is cobalt blue. We are now quite successful with the colors black, brown and green. Yellow and red are the most difficult colors, but we have already found solutions there too.

saltglazed cider pitchers

Traditional and new types of cider pitchers (called “Bembel” in Germany) are hand-made and poured by us every day. In addition to the standards shown here, there are numerous variations in other sizes and shapes that are manufactured by us according to customer requirements.

Pots and cans for food

We have an assortment of different pot shapes for storing food. Depending on the size of the run, we manufacture using the screwing or punching process. Most jars are used for the packaging of particularly high-quality mustard, as it is particularly sensitive to light. Spices, honey, dips and many other goodies can also be safely and elegantly packed in our ceramics.

Cups and mugs

Ceramic cups and mugs are used in different areas. For example, the mulled wine at the Christmas market is traditionally served in ceramic drinking vessels. Another popular drink for our cups is cider, which is served in many restaurants in salt-glazed ceramic. Many special celebrations can make an impression on guests with their own mugs, cups or jugs.